HTF Sponsorship

The principle of our 242 platform is to share experiences, projects and dreams. Our 242 students were able, thanks to the HTF, to get a sponsorship and continue their studies. Here are their feelings and testimonials about the involvement of the Foundation.
Thomas Lew

Thomas Lew

From Neil Amstrong’s walk on the Moon, photos from Mars taken by Curiosity, to the latest SpaceX rocket boosters landing on Earth, space exploration continues to inspire generations. As satellites constantly orbit our planet to enable communications and monitor our […] Read more →
Aurélie Goy

Aurélie Goy

I am glad to have received a grant from the Hubert Tuor Foundation. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in microtechnology engineering in June 2018 at HEPIA Geneva. During these three years, I had the opportunity to participate in the ESA […] Read more →

Stefano Sanna

After a graduation in automation engineering at Politecnico di Milano, I started a career in management consulting, a completely different field that I found to be very fascinating. During these years at Deloitte Consulting I discovered a strong interest in […] Read more →

Belinda Eienberger

Thanks to the Hubert Tuor Foundation, I received the financial support I needed to complete my medical studies at the University of Lausanne. It is not easy to find a way to finance a master’s degree through student jobs in […] Read more →

Charlotte Broennimann

After obtaining a Master degree in Bioengineering from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, I wanted to direct my career towards a more entrepreneurial direction and in particular in the management of new technologies. During my Master’s project at […] Read more →

Thomas Maurissen

I contacted the Hubert Tuor Foundation when l was looking for funding to partially finance my internship at swissnex Boston, the Swiss Consulate of Science and Technologies located between Harvard and MIT. The HTF decided to support my project and […] Read more →

Tiffany Tuor

During my studies, I thought a great deal about my various options and the next steps to take in my career. What were the most flourishing scientific fields? What were the most cutting-edge research projects of the moment? Which universities […] Read more →

Guillaume Lavanchy

I obtained a 242 grant from the Hubert Tuor Foundation to cover expenses for publishing a scientific article open-access. After completing my master in biology, I did some civil service at a nature protection NGO. They had gathered an impressive […] Read more →

Tarek Nassour

Après un bachelor en chimie appliquée à l’université de Damas et un bachelor en biochimie à l’université de Genève et grâce à la bourse de la Fondation Hubert Tuor, j’ai le support financier pour faire un master en biochimie à […] Read more →

Laura Roxanne Stalder

It’s all about giving back a little. A little of your time, a little of your energy, a little of you love and a little of your abilities. The Hubert Tuor Foundation offers a unique opportunity to take part of […] Read more →

Ana Paula Goncalves Cataldo

After having obtained a bachelor’s degree in french and comparative literature (School of Humanities) from the UNIGE, I decided to pursue a masters degree in digital communication starting in september 2018. Not only did my academic education in literature help […] Read more →

Estelle Clerc

I would like to thank the Hubert Tuor Foundation for its financial support for my master’s thesis at the MIT. I truly think that its support will bring me an inestimable experience not only in my academic career in Science, […] Read more →